" establish a company founded on excellence and compassion to care for and develop individuals with developmental disabilities by providing a variety of active & enjoyable services in an environment that is conducive to learning, elicits growth, produces individualized opportunities and creates a sense of community."


" love, enhance, equip, and inspire lives & families.” Every Life is important, every life tells a story, every story sings a song. Simply stated, our motto is “Let my life song sing for you."


“….to bolster sociability, independence, and a sense of personal worth and importance for all participants enrolled.”

Our Staff

Robert Daly

 Robert Daly:  Robert is a Life Skills Coach and has worked in the field for several years. Among other things, Robert is a professional drummer and brings valuable percussion expertise to LifeSong. His incredible skills in wood-crafting has spurred a great deal of woodworking creativity. Robert has a wonderful way of teaching others his skills with enthusiasm making classes fun and entertaining for all.


Robin Daly

 Robin Daly:  Robin is a Life Skills Coach and has several years of experience working with day services without walls. Robin is a very patient, loving coach who brings a steadiness to daily program activities and a peace to the most hectic situations. She listens to each person well and gives good guidance, instruction and encouragement in the areas of life and daily living.


Suzanne Olszewski

 Susan Olszewski:  Susan is our Program RN and Scheduler. Along with her primary nursing functions, Susan has taken on a variety of responsibilities including networking with our volunteer sites. She is an artist at heart and has helped our program support many of the creative people we serve through finding art venues that showcase their exceptional work.


Christine North

 Christine North:  Christine is a Life Skills Coach who loves life and is a lot of fun for everyone in program to be with. Fun mixed with her caring and responsible attitude have built good healthy friendships among people in program. Christine is one of our Expressions Art Instructors. She understands how to personally relate with each person and inspire lighthearted creative interaction.


Jason Twombly

Jason Twombly: Jason is a Day Habilitation Coordinator who has served in educational, ministerial and humanitarian capacities all over the globe. He delights in inspiring all in the program to live life with purpose. Among many supports that Jason provides for LifeSong and all we serve, he has offered his litterary skills towards championing the progress of our participants in clinical and creative detail.


Mark Hines

 Mark Hines:  Mark is The Assistant Manager for our Day Habilitation Program as well as a Life Skills Coach. He is exceptionally talented in music and has his own recording studio. He shares his passion for music with our participants and has regularly scheduled music and voice classes for all who would like to participate. Singing and karaoke have always been a LifeSong favorite. Mark is taking this activity, refining it, and giving opportunity for professionally recorded songs.   



 Scott W. Hamilton:  Scott, our Director of Day Services, is exceptional! Programs such as Awakenings Day Program and our Employment Services program are ever changing and require a great deal of organization and flexibility. Scott does an amazing job at keeping our programs running smoothly, uniting our great team, developing marketing tools, communicating with participants and families, networking with professionals, managing the day to day occurrences, and maintaining a steady, patient, positive attitude.   


Scott Brady

 Scott Brady:  Scott is a Life Skills Coach who is a great role model and displays a genuine concern for our participants on a daily basis. He is extremely patient and makes individualized attention a priority. He brings to LifeSong his professional experience in video production. Our participants have the privilege of learning all the aspects of videography from the equipment to the lighting, filming, voiceover, and editing. 


Megan Hines

 Megan Hines:  Megan is our Bookkeeper who does an outstanding job of ensuring our records are accurately represented. Her extreme attention to detail helps to ensure the quality supports we are proud to offer each day. When in the field, Megan is adored by all of our participants. She is encouraging and inspiring and treats all our people with respect.  


Susanna Brooks

 Susanna Brooks:  Susanna is a Day Habilitation Coordinator who desires to use her years of experience and education to make a difference in the lives of others. Susanna has a B.A. in English & Education and a M.S. in Literacy. A caring person, with an outgoing personality and professional poise, she teaches with patience and inspires others to grow, communicate, set & achieve goals, and raise their outlook on life. 


Joshua Lupo

 Joshua Lupo:  Josh is the Employment Services Manager who spends his life caring for others giving them a sense of purpose and worth. He is a visionary who set goals for which to aspire to thus inspiring others to do the same. He treats all our participants with respect as unique individuals and relates to them where they are at. With a passion for athletics, he is involved with developing an organized sports program. 


Mary Osuch

 Mary Osuch:  Mary is a Life Skills Coach who has worked in the field for many years. She has a great way of making people feel secure and warmly welcomed. She loves each person she serves and makes it her priority to enhance their lives. She is very creative and has gathered participant involvement in weaving projects. Mary teaches looming by which people can make a variety of crocheted items to enjoy.   


Lisa Rosamino

 Lisa Rosamino:  Lisa is a Job Coach for our Supported Employment program who brings compassion into every interaction. Her warmth and kindness is a perfect blend to her enthusiastically professional approach. Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge into helping everyone we serve find professional placement. In addition, as an LPN, Lisa has limitless knowledge in the health field which she selflessly offers to everyone we serve.


Jonathan North

 Jonathan North:  Jon has a special place in his heart for everyone we serve and it shows clearly in every interaction. His humor brings a smile to everyone's face making each day slip by too quickly for everyone in his care. Jon's background in vocal and improvisational performances is enriching our program through special events such as our annual Christmas Show. He is also using his strong knowledge and education in math to help us develop curriculums in many levels of mathematics.   


Tina Bloomer

 Tina Bloomer:  Tina is a Life Skills Coach with a gentle spirit that the people we serve immediately love! Tina utilizes her background in physical fitness to help individuals learn how to safely reach realistic goals. She uses her wealth of knowledge in working with animals to help elevate interest and understanding towards this very valuable cause. Tina shares her talent for sewing by helping the people we serve create items such as drawstring dance bags and other gifts for family members.


Breah May

 Breah May:  Breah is our Daffodil Dash Coordinator who with dedication and talent schedules and heads up our event. In addition to her thoughtful approach in making our 5K fun she motives everyone around her with her positive outlook on life. She puts a great deal of effort into making our LifeSong's Annual 5K an unforgetable experience for all and more successful every year!


Anna North

 Anna North:  Anna is a Life Skills Coach whose warmth and lighthearted approach is well received by everyone in her presence.  Her compassion overflows when supporting each person in our organization. Anna's abilities in writing have been a huge boost as she supports individuals in writing our agency newsletter "LifeSong Lyrics." Anna also uses her many abilities in teaching aerobic dance classes and recorder classes for our beginner musicians.


Chris Rice

 Chris Rice:  Chris is a Life Skills Coach with an energy and drive that is rivaled only by his eagerness to serve. These three characteristics have proven to lead to extreme success in learning and growth for each person he supports. Chris teaches a variety of classes such as our gardening class where he shows our participants how to grow vegetables and talks about the importance of using a compost.


Paul Smith

 Paul Smith:  Paul is a Life Skills Coach whose humble nature causes a natural acceptance and calmness with each person he supports. His background in theatre has offered great support for our agency's annual performances and has given insight to how to approach putting together a large stage production.


Tara Deeb

 Tara Deeb:  Tara is a Life Skills Coach whose kind demeanor and gentle approach opens up each person she interacts with. She does a wonderful job of listening to each person with an open mind making each person feel accepted and well received. Tara's flexibility has made it possible for her to fit into many needed roles within LifeSong.


Paul HinesPaul Hines:  Paul is a Life Skills Coach who uses his sense of humor to lighten the mood of each person we support. He also has a can do attitude, stepping up to any challenge in an effort to find solutions. Paul is among many things a musician who's sharing his years of experience in playing the guitar to help teach people ready to learn.  


Jodi Kennedy

 Jodi Kennedy:  Jodi is a Life Skills Coach whose flexible nature has proven to be the glue a team needs during challenging times. Jodi is willing and ready to step into any role thrown at her. Jodi helps run the photography department making her classes fun and educational, while focusing on each invividual's specific needs. 


Tim Owens

 Tim Owens:  As LifeSong's manager of clinical services, Tim comes to LifeSong with not only a wealth of knowledge in how to best support each person, but an energy and passion for working with people as well. Tim uses his can do attitude to make himself available for wherever he's needed most. Thanks in great part to Tim's, knowledge, warm approach and welcomed sense of humor, everyone LifeSong supports is ensured a unparalleled opportunity to grow in reaching their maximum level of independence.


Ricardo Prophete

 Ricardo Prophete:  Ricky is a Life Skills Coach whose rare ability to speak 5 languages (including sign language!) opens LifeSong's doors wide for more effective ways to reach each person supported. Ricky also knows his way around computers giving everyone another avenue for growth possibilities while receiving supports at LifeSong. Aside from these two areas of expertise that anyone would hope to possess, Ricky's true passion to help others is what makes him shine most as a Life Skills Coach!


Paul Smith

  Remo Loosli:  Remo is a Life Skills Coach who is dedicated to serving others and helping our participants achieve greatness, he conducts himself in a manner that is sensitive to others. As a soccer player, Remo uses every opportunity he has to encourage our participants to keep moving and live a healthy lifestyle. Remo also helps staff some of our supplemental events, giving our participants the chance to go to sporting events and concerts. 


Stacian Thomas

 Stacian Thomas:  Stacian is a Life Skills Coach whose many years in jewelry design gives her the skills she needs to help our participants explore and express themselves through designing jewelry. Another one of her many talents is the art of dance. Stacian's joy shines through when she assists in teaching our dance classes, readying the girls for their annual dance recital. 


Carolyn Hayner

 Carolyn Hayner:  Carolyn's is a Job Coach for our Supportive Employment Program who brings a sense of professionalism to our team. With her outstanding character, Carolyn helps place our participants into the work field. Her caring and encouraging outlook on life inspires all those around her. 


Dennis Hulett

 Dennis Hulett:  Dennis is our Corporate Compliance Officer at LifeSong. He is great at problem solving and thinking fast on his feet. He is easygoing and has a great ability to relate to others. With endless compassion, lighthearted humor and a caring approach, he leaves everyone smiling. Dennis goes over and beyond what he is asked and is always one step ahead, making sure LifeSong's policies, procedures, and actions comply with the laws and regulations.


Bethany Richmond

 Bethany Richmond:  Bethany has worked in this field for many years and brings a lifelong of expertise to our team. With her witty sense of humor, she finds a way to lift the spirits of everyone around her. Bethany teaches one of our cooking classes as well as astronomy.


Mike Russo

  Mike Russo:  Mike is highly motivated Life Skills Coach who happens to be a talented musician. Teaching gutar lessons, Mike helps to enhance the lives of our participants by furthering their knowledge of music. With his uplifting attitude toward life, Mike inspires our team. He is easygoing and delightful to be around. 


Marisa Bradley

 Marisa Bradley: Marisa is a Life Skills Coach who brings a lot of talent to the team. Assisting in teaching our woodworking classes, Marisa motivates and gives our participants the tools to succeed. While focusing on the needs of others, Marisa creates a fun environment to learn. 


Josh Carroll

 Josh Carroll: Josh is a Life Skills Coach for our Day Habilitation Program. With his great sense of humor and huge heart for others, Josh makes everyone around his feel comfortable. He teaches the "Be You" class where Josh inspire everyone to embrace who they are and to lift each other up. He also encourages the importance of exercise in our fitness classes. 


Josh Saddlemire

 Josh Saddlemire: Josh is a Life Skills Coach whose fun and outgoing personality has proven to help out participants feel right at home. Josh enjoys teaching fitness class and expressing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. His drive and willingness to serve others makes him a great addition to our team. 


Joleen Bejian Joleen Bejian: Joleen is a Life Skills Coach whose bright outlook on life and her dedication to focusing on the needs of others is impeccable. Joleen teaches a few of our different Life Skills classes offered at LifeSong such as Reading and Book Club. She also assists in teaching arts and crafts. 


Collins O'Dwyer Collins O'Dwyer: Collins is a Life Skills Coach with many years of musical experience. Being profound in songwriting and playing the guitar it's no wonder why he teaches in our Recording Studio. With his caring and open minded technique Collins is easily likable, adding creativity and compassion to the team.


Jeremy Herrey Jeremy Herrey: Jeremy is a Life Skills Coach for our Day Habilitation Program. Jeremy is a skilled artist who expresses his passion for the arts through teaching art classes such as Drawing and Painting. He is enthusiastic about helping others and meeting the individualized needs of each participant.


Carley Volans Carley Volans: Carley is an Employment Specialist for our Supportive Employment Program. Having an extensive background in social work, Carley brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to our team. Her heart for others is undeniable as she works to ensure the independence of our participants through job placement.



 LifeSong has established itself as a Mission and Vision driven organization.  A group of people working together to achieve common goals are most effective when building upon a united purpose.