" establish a company founded on excellence and compassion to care for and develop individuals with developmental disabilities by providing a variety of active & enjoyable services in an environment that is conducive to learning, elicits growth, produces individualized opportunities and creates a sense of community."


" love, enhance, equip, and inspire lives & families.” Every Life is important, every life tells a story, every story sings a song. Simply stated, our motto is “Let my life song sing for you."


“….to bolster sociability, independence, and a sense of personal worth and importance for all participants enrolled.”


MattWe are delighted to offer a Photo Class here at LifeSong Inc. Christine North has developed a curriculum with hands on training to teach our folks all aspects to the art of Photography. From start to finish, she shows class participants how to look for, shoot, and finish a photographic masterpiece. Select finished photography is then entered into competitive shows and exhibits throughout the region and is on display at our Plaza 8 office. Participants recently received several ribbons and awards for artwork presented at the Saratoga County Fair. 


Two of our participants elected to donate their framed photos to a local fundraising effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness month. Additional copies of these featured photos below can be purchased and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the cause. Please contact Christine North at 649-7529 for purchasing details. Thank you for your support!

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