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Jezreel - Love touch to the World

Jezreel - Love touch to the World Jezreel is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization that ships desperately needed provision to the poor and needy around the world. Since 1996, Jezreel has helped over 30 nations across the world, as well as other domestic ministries and organizations.
Jezreel has had the divine privilege of providing medical and hospital supplies, food, water, clothing, new shoes/sneakers, personal hygiene products, baby products, building and cleaning supplies, toys, paper products, and more for orphans, widows, victims of terrorism, wars and natural disasters as well as supplying many local charitable organizations such as rescue missions, crisis pregnancy care centers, abused women & children shelters, hospitals and clinics,veterans of war, soup kitchens and many other outreaches to the poor. Jezreel - Love touch to the World

We are so excited to have the opportunity to have a part in such an amazing effort that makes a huge impact and changes the world.  At Jezreel, LifeSong, inspects and sorts through clothing, rolls them and boxes them according to men’s, women’s, children, summer, winter and a number of other categories.  When the boxes are full they tape them up and make and label a new box.  Occasionally, we have the opportunity to help pack the boxes in the tractor trailer containers that are then shipped to their destination domestic or abroad.

 Jezreel - Love touch to the World  Jezreel - Love touch to the World  Jezreel - Love touch to the World

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