Independence Skills

Independent living skills are an essential part of growth and development.  Each particpant in our program comes to us with varying backgrounds and skill sets.  We make it our goal to learn about each person on an individual basis to better establish a foundation from which to build upon.  We have developed class modules to help us do this.  Modules assist in building skills in the areas of Math, Reading, Cooking and Independent Living.  The modules incorporate both worskeets and hands on applications.  When one module level is successfully achieved then a certificate is awarded and the next one begins.  This provides a way to monitor growth and successfully build upon current knowledge. 

Upon attaining a certain level of independence skills as verified by the modules, participants may be recommended to a series of three courses to better prepare them for supported employment and/or supported living situations.   The series of 12 week courses are:  Independent Living, Personal Finances, & Job Readiness.