" establish a company founded on excellence and compassion to care for and develop individuals with developmental disabilities by providing a variety of active & enjoyable services in an environment that is conducive to learning, elicits growth, produces individualized opportunities and creates a sense of community."


" love, enhance, equip, and inspire lives & families.” Every Life is important, every life tells a story, every story sings a song. Simply stated, our motto is “Let my life song sing for you."


“….to bolster sociability, independence, and a sense of personal worth and importance for all participants enrolled.”

Day Services: Day Program: Skill Building

LifeSongInc - Skill BuildingSkill Building Classes will encourage growth in a wide variety of areas: travel training, cooking, math and money, computer, photography, videography, art, woodworking, relationship building, safety in the community, reading and current events to name a few.  At LifeSong we try to live by making healthy choices and stress the importance of good nutrition and encourage participants  to do the same.  We utilize skill building classes to increase learning and build confidence in every day life.  Developing a positive learning environment and attitude is important to us.

Classes are integrated into our weekly schedule offering person specific segments of instruction in a number of areas such as those mentioned above.  It is our experience that people come to Awakenings with varying abilities as far as the areas of daily living are concerned.  We have developed individual goals evolving around each persons’ abilities.  Our staff dedicate quality time with each person routinely and repetitively with the aspirations of teaching important skills to work toward important goals of safety and independence.

In an effort to build upon participants’ former training and increase knowlege in specific areas of math, spelling/reading and cooking, we are integrating lesson modules that are worksheet based.  Participants will begin at the module that is right for them and will move up the modules as the skill is attained. 

We feel that food preparation, cooking and kitchen safety are critical elements to an individuals independence.  With this in mind each of our groups have a cooking class each week in which they learn how to plan and prepare nutricious meals.  They learn safety and health tips as well as having the opportunity to eat their meals with their peers.   

We have also invested in a number of art-based classes which allow participants to explore and communicate through creative avenues.  These classes provide participants with a finished product that they can be proud of and have the ability to display and in some cases sell. 

We are excited at the growth possibilities and potential that our skill building classes have to offer.