Music Studio


With a large group of talented staff members having an extensive background in music, we are honored to offer a wide variety of classes in our Music Studio. Some of our music classes include Guitar, Piano, Drums, and Voice Lessons. Last year we produced our very first Christmas album. We hope it will be the first of many to come.  


Our Voice class is enjoyed by many of our participants. Led by Life Skills Coach, Mark Hines, this class teaches music theory along with vocal technique. Participants have the opportunity to sing individually as well as with a group. The goal of this class is to provide music instruction to individuals who inspire to sing, perform and potentially record there songs. Participants visit the recording studio occasionally and are given the opportunity to record their voice.



MusicOur Rhythm Drumming Class is run by Robert Daly. Rob is a Life Skills Coach on staff with LifeSong and a professional drummer. He is a skilled musician that has been in a band for several years and has written a book on drumming. Rob has found that using a variety of drums and percussion instruments to create music provides a platform for individuals to develop creativity and reduce the stresses associated with day to day living.

Drumming class is a program highlight. Rob has a way of teaching his skill & rhythm in a way that is fun and all inclusive. While mixing up different beats, tempos, sounds & styles, Rob provides the opportunity to use the microphone and sing karaoke. Each participant is assisted in finding songs to sing and encouraged in their growing talents and abilities  

We invested in several percussion instruments which participants are encouraged to use and taught how to do so. Some of the instrument options they have to select from are Jambes, maracas, spoons, tambourines, bells, wood block, triangle, rain stick and a variety of other cool percussion instruments. When they are all layered and put together they have a terrific sound and beat.