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St. Josephs House- Ending Homelessness in Our Community
















W Marching together in downtown Troy, LifeSong Inc. and St. Joseph's House and Shelter Inc. are joined in by community members who all stand together to stop homelessness in our capital district. 

A community based non- for- profit corporation located in Troy, whose sole purpose is to prevent homelessness, Their program offers shelter, services, support, and guidance to homeless inf=dividuals, youth, ad families. St. Josephs House offers a non-judgemental living and work environment where guests and volunteers alike feel dignity and worth as they are treated with respect.  


St. Josephs House- Ending Homelessness in Our Community

 St. Josephs House and Shelter, Inc. provides an excellent opportunity for people with differing abilities from LifeSong Inc. to volunteer in service to the homeless while doing a wide variety of tasks that include; sorting donations, feeding the homeless, and maintain the upkeep of the shelter. For years now, St. Joseph's House and LifeSong Inc. have joined forces to prevent and eliminate homelessness in Troy.