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Thank you for your interest in learning about LifeSong. We help adults with developmental disabilities attain greater independence and reach their fullest potential. Learn about our history and the caring individuals who manage and advise our organization.


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The Beginning

It was once said, “Do not despise small beginnings,” and we can testify to the truth of this statement. On October 1st, 2010 a long dream became a reality when LifeSong Inc., our non-profit 501c3, was incorporated. On Monday morning May 23rd, 2011, after seven months of dedication in taking the necessary steps to become operational, LifeSong began Community based Day Habilitation services out of our home office in Clifton Park. Services begun with an amazing team of five staff and eight participants venturing out to serve the community through local volunteer efforts. That was a satisfying and rewarding day. With great gratitude, we gained new friends and family.

New Office in Clifton Park

Needless to say, one day led to another, one month led to the next and our LifeSong family grew steadily. Our home office certainly became cozy as we were bursting at the seams searching for an office space to call home. In February of 2012, we were so excited to move into our new office space in Plaza 8 off exit 8 on the Northway. It was here that we built out a staff office, a small conference room, and an art/music space. We also hired a Program Manager to oversee staff and Day Habilitation Program activities. In no time at all, our new space became cozy again as our team grew to twenty-two employees and plans were sought for another expansion.

Supported Employment

In February 2013, we begin our Supported Employment Department supporting individuals in finding, securing and maintaining employment. This was a whole new avenue of service for LifeSong that took time to understand and develop. Our Employment Department is in good stride, growing leaps and bounds as it continues to thrive, showing great success in job placement and retention.


In September 2013 we moved into our second space which became the main office space for staff. This provided offices for our Program Manager, Clinical Team, Program RN along with sufficient room to accommodate staff meetings. In an effort to provide individuals we serve with a whole new avenue of experience and one-of-a-kind opportunity, we built out a professional recording studio. Having a large percent of very talented musical staff, we provide vocal and instrumental lessons as well as recording opportunities to enhance personal expression and creativity. Our LifeSong Singers produced a Christmas CD and perform the National Anthem at community events like the Valley Cats games and our very own LifeSong Dash 5K.

In September 2018, we expanded to our 3rd space to provide necessary office space for our Bookkeeper who’s office was the storage closet/server room and the Corporate Compliance Officer who shared the Board Room/Conference Room which required him often to find alternate space to work. Executive Management was also able to move from the original home office down to the Plaza. This space also gave us the opportunity to triple the size of the Art Studio and the variety of projects that can be created.

LifeSong Today

“Celebrating almost a decade of service is a blessing. We are thankful for both staff and individuals serving, our “LifeSong Team.” During this short time, we have grown from a team of 5 to 45, from 8 Day Hab participants to about 110 Day Hab participants and 70 job-seekers in Employment Services. We talk about numbers as it relates to growth, but at our core, it’s all about people and fulfilling our mission is to Love, Enhance, Equip and Inspire lives as we aspire to provide quality, genuine support and a variety of experiences that better people’s lives and facilitate independence. Looking ahead, we are excited for what the future holds and witnessing how so many lives will be improved by LifeSong services. We are thankful for small beginnings and the opportunity to serve daily. ”

-Philip and Jill Catchpole