" establish a company founded on excellence and compassion to care for and develop individuals with developmental disabilities by providing a variety of active & enjoyable services in an environment that is conducive to learning, elicits growth, produces individualized opportunities and creates a sense of community."


" love, enhance, equip, and inspire lives & families.” Every Life is important, every life tells a story, every story sings a song. Simply stated, our motto is “Let my life song sing for you."


“….to bolster sociability, independence, and a sense of personal worth and importance for all participants enrolled.”

Supported Employment

Job Coaching and Supported Employment helps people with differing abilities develop work related skills and pursue job opportunities


The mission of LifeSong’s Supported Employment Department is to make it possible for people with varying levels of abilities to become active, wage-earning contributors to their local communities. We strive to help generate positive, successful employment opportunities as well as provide on-going support so that they may be effective in the workplace. At LifeSong we believe that, when given proper supports and resources, any person with differing abilities can be successful at their place of employment. Our goal is to Love, Enhance, Equip and Inspire the men and women we work with and to help them reach their full potential.

















Our Services include:

·         Job Preparation – Job Seekers attend regular, monthly job readiness trainings designed to prepare them for transitioning into employment. LifeSong staff assists in such skill development as mobility training, mock interviews, and preparing professional resumes.


·         Job Searching – Job Seekers work with their Employment Specialist to determine realistic goals and objectives and address any factors such as transportation issues to ensure a useful and meaningful job search.


·         Job Placement - The Employment Specialist and applicant work together to locate appropriate opportunities and submit applications and attend job interviews. Upon gaining an interview, our job coaches work to ensure the candidate has proper interview clothes, assists with applications, and can sit in during the job interview if needed. Upon hire, job coaches provide assistance completing paperwork and obtaining items necessary for the job.


·         Job Coaching - The job coach supports applicant through job training until the employee feels comfortable. The job coach then completes a task analysis to determine the aspects of the job where support is most likely to be needed. 


For more information about LifeSong Supported Employment Services, please contact Joshua Lupo, Employment Services Manager at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.