LifeSong Inc. provides Community-Based Day Habilitation Services in 4 counties: Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Albany. Our Community-Based Day Habilitation Program focuses on making healthy life choices while accomplishing our mission through volunteering, skill building & recreation.

It creates a platform for exploration, skill development and self-discovery. The purpose of all activities is to build confidence, promote growth and provide individuals with the tools they need to support an independent life-style. In the end, person-centered planning and a program philosophy which embodies quiet integration, help participants become actively involved members of their communities.

Core Values

  • Meaningful Relationships:  Friendships are important in life, we value the relationship we have with our staff, participants and their families
  • Local Communities: Investing in communities is important in life, we value serving others as active members in society
  • Healthy Living: Healthy life choices are important in life, we value the benefits that are achieved through maintaining a good quality of life
  • Encouraging Communication: Uplifting interactions are important in life, we value respectful, pleasant environments with positive communication


Program Hours

Day Habilitation services are Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm. Occasional evening or weekend trips are available for people that are in the Supplemental Group Habilitation program and do not live in certified settings.

Person-Centered Planning

Weekly schedules are created and provided to individuals and their families. This allows people know what their activities will be for the following week. These schedules are based on participant home locations, individual requests for activities and life plan goals. Please note, every effort is made to adhere to schedules, but they are subject to change.


Life Skills Coaches pick individuals up in the morning. Transportation is provided throughout the day for scheduled activities and individuals are brought to their home daily after program. Catchment areas are setup to manage the transportation of groups for individual daily activities. To verify whether or not you live within the service area please contact Scott Hamilton, Director of Day Services, 518-406-5157 x303.

Community Integration

The majority of our week is participating in volunteer activities. This allows participants to give back to the community while learning valuable life skills. It also helps with group collaboration, social integration and pre-employment skills. We try our best to provide an atmosphere where everyone can express their talents and explore their communities with support from trained, professional and caring staff.


Volunteering opportunities are scheduled based upon the needs of each person enrolled as identified in Life Plans. We have over 70 organizations in our service area for that need support at regular times throughout the year. Volunteer sites are selected to provide the best opportunities for doing meaningful work while gaining skills that will be useful for life. Volunteer work not only allows us to give back to the community on a large scale, but it enriches people lives as they gain life skills and develop a good healthy attitude of service.


Trained staff instruct participants in the following skills:

  • Listening & communication skills
  • Following instructions
  • Keeping attention & focus to task
  • Working with excellence
  • Finishing & cleaning up
  • Interacting with peers and overseers
  • Developing positive & grateful attitudes of service.


Each participant receives a skill building program that is appropriate for their ability levels and goals as set in the Life Plans. Classes are a part of weekly schedules offering person specific segments of instruction in a number of areas.

These areas include:

  • Cooking
  • Math
  • Money
  • Computer
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Art
  • Woodworking
  • Relationship Building
  • Safety in the Community
  • Reading
  • Current events
  • Nutrition

We utilize classes with lesson modules to increase learning, measure growth and build confidence in everyday life. Staff dedicate individual quality time routinely and repetitively teach important skills that lead to personal safety, advocacy and independence. Food preparation, cooking and kitchen safety are critical elements to an individual’s independence thus each group participates in a cooking class weekly learning safety and health tips along with eating meals with peers. Art-based classes allow participants to explore and communicate through creative venues where they display and occasionally sell finished products.


Recreation is the opportunity to test, experience and evaluate what was learned through the skill-building classes. Activities range from a day at the lake and a hike, to golfing & bowling, weaving & beading, a baseball game, trip to a museum or show at Proctors. Our people serve and work hard at volunteer activities Monday through Thursday every week. Experiencing a constant learning environment, we offer the opportunity to practice skills in a fun-filled recreational environment. This naturally provides a sense of relaxation and reward building lasting and memories and friendships.


Throughout the year, LifeSong provides various evening and weekend outings that are available to those enrolled in our Community-Based Day Habilitation program and approved for Supplemental Habilitation.  Activities are selected and scheduled as a result of personal requests and individual interests observed by qualified staff.

Quarterly, we offer a wide variety of activities for individuals to participate in including a mix of shows, concerts, sporting events & other special interests. Announcements of activities are emailed to those enrolled in our program. Signed permission slips are required for participation.

The number of tickets that are available to any given event may vary because these activities are dependent upon staff availability. Tickets are offered on a first come, first serve basis. We rarely require participation fees but occasionally a fee is required on high-ticket items.

A couple of supplemental activities are offered annually with great enthusiasm and participation. Each year we rent a charter bus and visit Yankees Stadium. A second trip is also planned and everyone has a choice of trip they would like to attend.  There is a participation fee of $30 associated with trips to help cover the total costs of the trip.  Another Summer activity is 4 separate weeks of camp, 2 weeks for ladies and 2 weeks for men.

These camping trips are amazing! They provide a few days away to relax, build relationships and experience a taste of independent living through cooking and cleaning in the cottage.  Camping trips have special requirements for participation.  If interested please contact Sue Olszewski our Program RN and Scheduler for more details, 518-406-5157  Extension: 305.