Our vision is to expand life choices, increase social awareness, achieve personal satisfaction and attain greater independence helping each person reach their reach fullest potential. We are excited about our agency and the opportunities it will provide!

Your support can help improve our programs and enhance the lives of beautiful people that learn to adapt and contribute to society. We have many options for donating to LifeSong.

  • Donate Money
  • Get a Car Wash through LifeSong’s Helping Hands with Hoffman’s Car Wash
  • Volunteer at an Event
  • Participate in the LifeSong Dash

Freedom - Jumping for JoyTo help LifeSong succeed in our endeavors, we would ask for your consideration in supporting us financially to assist in covering the necessary programming costs associated with operating a program as such. We want to continue to provide the opportunity for new explorations and endeavors for our participants. Your investment in LifeSong matters. Your support is greatly appreciated not only by us but by the countless others whose lives will be cared for, encouraged and changed. Thank you for your support!


Helping Hands

LifeSong's Helping HandsLifeSong has partnered with Hoffman’s Car Wash to bring you not only a clean car, but an easy way to donate to our day to day services! When you purchase a car wash ticket at full price, Hoffman’s will donate 50% of your purchase to LifeSong.

There are two options for purchase:

  • Full service
  • Exterior Car Wash

LifeSong DashLifeSong Dash 5k Run

Learn more about the LifeSong’s 5k, the LIFESONG DASH held at the beautiful Halfmoon Town Park.

Chili Cookoff

Each year in March, LifeSong chases away the winter blues with our annual Chili Cook Off. Teams are formed and they each come up with unique recipes that they think will have the winning chili. Our categories are: Just Like Mom used to Make, Call the Fire Department, Best Display, and the Blue Ribbon Chili. Over the past years, we have had some very interesting ingredients such as pineapple, chocolate, venison and alligator . Our groups also go all out with their creative table displays, often adding costumes.

We then invite staff from the places we volunteer throughout the year to come and sample our chili recipes and vote for their favorites. We have two cook offs each March so we can accommodate everyone in LifeSong and our guests! It is a fun way to spice up a cold month!